• How Sustainable Are Corrugated Boxes?

    Corrugated boxes—it seems like the world can’t live without them. Whether it’s moving, shipping a package, or shopping at a store with corrugated displays, most of us encounter corrugated material on a daily basis. But have you ever stopped and wondered how mass production of these essential products impacts the earth? We have!

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    Corrugated boxes are lightweight, durable, versatile, and recyclable. If they’re manufactured with Earth-conscious processes and sourcing standards, they can be an incredibly sustainable packaging option. At President Container Group, we’ve spent decades and millions of dollars innovating our manufacturing process to be more sustainable, and we continue to find new ways every day to lessen each box’s impact on the environment.

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  • Unexpected Outcomes Pay Off

    Estefani “Stef” Gil is a utility coordinator at President Container Group (PCG), a manufacturer of corrugated boxes and point of purchase displays located in Middletown, NY. Born in the Virgin Islands on the island of St. Croix, Stef became a police officer in St. Croix after graduating high school and attending college in the United States. She then began the lengthy process of applying for homeland security and moved to New York. While waiting to hear the results of her application, Stef took a temporary position at PCG. Now, she has excelled in her position at the company, becoming a leader and developing strong rapport with her crew. Stef describes her journey at PCG and the practical, positive attitude that had led her to success.

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  • Major Corrugated Box Manufacturer Gets Lean With Flexpipe

    President Container – a major manufacturer of corrugated boxes with a storied history going back to 1947 – had three core objectives when creating their lean visual workplaces: Improve visuals and cleanliness in and around workplaces and machines, reduce manufacturing setup times, and enact effective end-of-shift cleanups. Find out how Matthew Grossbard – Continuous Improvement Manager at President Container – leveraged Flexpipe’s solutions to create these lean visual workplaces with easily-assembled Flexpipe structures and material handling systems.

    In this interview, Matthew Grossbard, Continuous Improvement Manager at President Container Group, talks about how continuous improvement is achieved. Interview conducted by Caroline St-Germain and Charles-Olivier Roy of Flexpipe’s marketing team.


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  • How to Establish and Sustain a Continuous Improvement Culture

    To many of those who have studied supply chain and the concepts pertaining to lean methodology, you probably view the layout of a warehouse or manufacturing center through a different set of lenses. You are able to visualize how inefficient processes are reducing output, ultimately leading to an uptick in money and time. This only hinders a facility’s ability to further expand and grow up on itself, but as operation and project managers are aware of – sometimes getting everyone on board with the “no waste” mindset, it is easier said than done!

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  • President Container Group Supporting Ukrainian Relief Organizations, Donating Corrugated Containers Through its “PCG Cares” Initiative

    MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (April 26, 2022) – President Container Group’s “PCG Cares” initiative has provided thousands of corrugated containers to three Ukrainian relief organizations, as well as medical supplies to a fourth group.

    More than 4.3 million residents of Ukraine have fled their country due to the Russian invasion, making the exodus the largest European refugee crisis since World War II. Ukrainian relief organizations contacted President Container Group’s PCG Cares initiative, requesting corrugated containers to package supplies to benefit Ukrainian refugee families.

    PCG Cares

    The corrugated containers donated by PCG Cares are filled with food, hygiene products, pet food and backpacks. Medical supplies were sent to Poland, where the goal is to transport them across the border into Ukraine to assist those in need.

    “Our goal is to help each other, one box at a time,” President Container Group Vice President Larry Grossbard said. “We are all responsible for doing our part to serve the communities around us. By providing corrugated containers, we will provide one more necessary item to help aid the Ukrainian refugee crisis, or food pantries, shelters and other such organizations, helping them stretch their resources further and help more people in need.”

    “These humanitarian groups are providing crucial resources, assistance and support during what is an international crisis. If other organizations are still in need, we would love to help in any way that we can,” said Grossbard.

    To date, donations have been sent to:

    • Baranova 27, a Ukrainian Relief Fund, Fort Lee, N.J.
    • Ukrainian relief via Royal Albert’s Palace, Edison, N.J.
    • Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization, New York City branch
    • Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church Relief Effort, Kerhonkson, N.Y.

    President Container Group’s generosity has been graciously acknowledged. “Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization New York City branch gratefully acknowledges your contribution of 130 cartons for our Ukraine fundraiser,” said organization representative Natalie Danysh.

    President Container Group is one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated containers in North America, producing more than 2 billion square feet of corrugated products every year. PCG Cares reflects PCG’s deep concern for its communities and the greater good, also demonstrated by President Container Group’s sustainable practices. The company fabricates its corrugated containers with renewable and recycled source materials when possible, which are manufactured, transported and recycled using renewable energy.

    To request corrugated containers to aid Ukrainian relief efforts, or inquire about the PCG Cares Initiative, please email or call (201) 933-7500, ext. 263.

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    About President Container Group

    President Container Group is a leading manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers and point-of-purchase displays in North America. It specializes in items for the food and beverage, cosmetic, garment and other commercial industries, and produces more than 2.0 billion square feet of corrugated products annually. President Container, which uses sustainable materials, also customizes your packaging by printing multicolored graphics of the highest quality directly onto cartons. The company’s philosophy is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • Wallkill company’s donations of corrugated containers become essential in pandemic

    Business is booming at President Container Group’s 522,000-square-foot facility in the town of Wallkill.

    “Without a corrugated box, nothing gets from point A to point B, whether it’s food supplies, medical supplies, home goods,” said Larry Grossbard, co-president of President Container Group​.

    “It is critical. It is essential, and it keeps the world moving,” Grossbard said.

    The corrugated box industry became more crucial than ever during the pandemic, and his company has stepped up as shipping has.

    “We currently produce two billion square feet of corrugated a year,” said Grossbard.


  • PCG Continues Booming Growth With New Machinery Investment

    It’s a great time to be in the box making business!” For the last year, this has been the refrain of virtually everyone in the North American (and global) corrugated and folding carton industries, which continues to enjoy unprecedented growth and ongoing backlogs.


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  • President Container Group (PCG) Nominates Crystal Run Village Inc. (CRVI) for Council of Industry’s 2020 Manufacturing Organizational Champion Award

    PCG/CRVI portion begins at 4:56 of the video

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