What is a Job Lot Carton?

Job Lot cartons are corrugated boxes manufactured for a specific customer but is refused by the customer due to printing issues, incorrect size, over runs, or obsolete cartons. Customers will experience considerable savings on Job Lots vs. new cartons. We do not sell any used cartons. All of our job lot cartons have never been used.

Save money by purchasing from our Job Lot special to ship your products.

Why buy Job Lots?

• Considerable savings – 30% to 50% – over custom or stock boxes
• Immediate delivery
• Choose from a variety of test weight and/or unusual sizes
• New boxes, Misprints, Surplus Inventory
• Buy lower quantities for less than custom boxes
• Same quality compared to stock boxes
• Boxes are environmentally safe

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Telephone: 201-933-7500 Ext 251, 252 or 254

The Job Lot form is now active as of 2024 and will be updated on a weekly basis!

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