President Container carries a variety of corrugated cartons. Our engineers will work with you to customize your containers to meet exact specifications and storage requirements. Furthermore, we can print multicolored graphics of the highest quality directly onto your cartons.


Product Line

    • Five Panel Folder – 5PFFivePanelFolderOPEN-FPF
      Excellent container for shipping rods, shade rollers, light fixtures, umbrellas, etc.


    • All Flaps Meet – AFMAllflapsmeet-open_000
      Inner flaps meet at center of the box. Double thickness of board on top and bottom. Provides a level base for products.


    • Regular Slotted Container – RSCFivePanelFolder-FPF
      Most economical. Shipped flat to user’s plant. Requires a minimum of storage space.


    • Self Locking Trayselflockingtrayopen_000
      Several thickness of board in the end panels. Flat bottom. Quick set-up. Good for pastries, flowers, and many other products.


    • Tuck FolderTuckFolderopen
      Can be set up manually or by machine. One piece construction. Easy reclosure.


    • Full Overlap Slotted Container – FOLAllflapsmeet_000
      Flaps overlap top and bottom. Extra protection with three thicknesses of board. Extra stacking strength.


    • Partitions or DividersPartitions
      Provides separate cell for articles such as glass or other fragile items. Can be constructed to provide air space between contents and the walls of the box.


    • One Piece Folder – OPFonepiecefolder-IPF_000
      One piece construction provides flat bottom. Easy closure. Great for books and other items shipped as single units.


    • Full Telescope Design Stylebox – FTDTelescopingopen_000
      Has flat bottom and top surfaces excellent for paper, books, pictures, advertising material, etc. Also great for flowers, hats, fragile china pieces, giftware, etc.


    • Half Slotted Container with Cover – HSCHSC
      Frequently used for both shipping and shelf storage. Cover can be removed and replaced repeatedly. A single half slotted box is used quite extensively for large items.


    • Gaylord Boxesgaylord
      Oversized corrugated containers that can sustain tremendous amounts of weight. Available for immediate delivery or we will custom make to your specified dimensions.


    • File or Storage BoxesFileboxopen
      Container utilized for files or storage items provides easy set-up, an attached cover and reinforced sidewalls and bottom. Available for immediate delivery or we will custom make to your specified dimensions.


    • Bliss Box (Kwik-Pak)bliss_cartons
      Flat bottom container that sets up instantaneously and is reusable, sturdy and pilfer proof. The usage of this container would reduce set-up time, labor costs and tape consumption. These containers are excellent for the garment industry. Available for immediate delivery or we will custom make to your specified dimensions. To view a complete list of all of the bliss boxes available for immediate delivery, click here.


  • Special Gluingbox-autobottom
    Specialty glued cartons can increase your productivity when packaging. We can provide 4 corner, lock bottoms, divider cartons and much more. Consult our staff to see what can be designed for your product.


Stock Boxes

We stock one of the largest inventories of boxes anywhere, in our PIP (President Industrial Products) facility. For a complete list of all the stock boxes available for immediate delivery, please visit PIP today.

Not sure which product will work best for you?