Design Services

Artisan’s design team can generate superior solutions to your point-of-purchase advertising challenges. Our design team consists of graphic artists and structural designers.

The expertise of our team enables us to create innovative displays and packaging. These Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) advertising tools give your products a competitive edge in the marketplace. Artisan’s display/packaging designs attract attention to your products through multicolor graphics, accessories and/or animation. Our displays/packaging provide effective merchandising, which increases your sales and consumer awareness for your products.

Services Overview

  • • Temporary and permanent point-of-purchase displays
  • • In-house manufacturing, photopolymer platemaking and ink bleeding system
  • • Accessories, animation, motion, sound, light, poles, spin
  • • Value-added packaging
  • • Lithography
  • • Multi-color graphics
  • • Computer-aided design (CAD) systems
  • • 24-hour operation
  • • 5 color, in-line flexographic print
  • • Varnish and UV coating
  • • Automated laminating