Point of Purchase Facts

Studies show that:

  • • Point of Purchase advertising ranks third in the nation among measured media
    (1st – TV, 2nd – print, 3rd – POP advertising and 4th – radio).
  • • More than 60 percent of consumer purchasing decisions are unplanned.
  • • 70 percent of decisions are made at the point of sale.
  • • A Point of Purchase display works as a “closer” for impulse buyers, because they reinforce the customers planned decision to buy.

Effectively organize and merchandise your product within the buying environment:

  • • By enhancing brand name recognition.
  • • By magnifying your product.
  • • By familiarizing consumers with your product.

Other Point of Purchase advertising facts:

  • • Producing and supplying a QUALITY product is always top priority.
  • • All promotions are TIME SENSITIVE.
  • • Creating INNOVATIVE displays and packaging are a necessity at all times.
  • • Being DIVERSIFIED allows us to control the complete project from start to finish.
  • QUALITY – Having a quality product is a must in the market place. At Artisan Display & Packaging, we have a quality control program to ensure our products meet high standards. Quality starts with the initial inquiry. At Artisan, each department goes through quality control training from estimating to shipping.
  • TIME SENSITIVE – Most often, promotions are tied in with other forms of advertising, such as TV, radio or print media. We understand the importance of getting the project completed on time and on schedule.
  • INNOVATIVE – At Artisan Display & Packaging, we understand the uniqueness of every project. We will design innovative displays and packaging, while keeping them “user friendly” for the marketplace.
  • DIVERSIFIED – Being diversified allows us to handle all facets of your display and packaging promotions. Whether it’s corrugated, plastics, vacuum forming, etc., it all falls under the expertise of Artisan Display & Packaging.