Coronavirus Update





March 20, 2020

Coronavirus – COVID-19 Update

Dear Customer/ Vendor/ Employee,

We know there are many concerns with businesses and their ability to remain in operation during these unprecedented times.  While Governor Cuomo has mandated 100% of the non-essential workforce to stay home, we are informing you that President Container Group is considered an Essential Manufacturing by the State of NY and New Jersey and Critical Infrastructure Workers by DHS, as our products are essential in the supply chain of the Food and Medical Industry.

At this time, PCG is in full operation and will be able to continue supplying our customers and the community at large with corrugated products.

We have reached out to our suppliers of raw materials and have been informed that there should be no disruption of supplies that are needed to produce our product.  As a further precaution, we have increased our normal inventory levels required to operate the business.

PCG has issued an interim policy to do everything possible to keep our workplace safe for our employees and customers and will update this policy as needed (see attached).

We wish you the best of health during these trying times.


Richard Grossbard
Vice President
President Container Group, LLC